It is always nice to have a friend waiting for you in the place you are going to…. with a warm greeting and smiley faces we welcome you in our city.

Cracow has been our passion for many years. We were born here and we are crazy about its secrets and doubtless beauty. We’d like to show you this charming city which you will never forget. We invite you to a city full of magic spiritual and material monuments, where history consides with modern times. We invite you to a city, which will leave an indelible impression. Cracow should not be omitted from the map a tourist longing for remarkable place and events.

This blog is especially for those who wish to discover and fall in love with the Real Cracow. We hope that our blog, with our permanent assistance, will be the first and the best tool for you to make your stay in Cracow unforgettable.

We will do our best to provide you with more than sufficient information about Cracow’s history, culture and atmosphere. We will suggest where to go, where to eat and what to do, in order to collect the best memories form Cracow.


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  1. 1 matylda

    In English it’s Krakow, not Cracow. You should know that.

  2. Hi Matylda! 🙂
    Thank you for your comment- we really appreciate that! 🙂 We promise to post a topic about all pros and cons of both names- Krakow and Cracow- as it seems to be quite controversial topic.

    First of all, as Cracovians and Poles we don’t like omitting Polish letters- Krakow should be spelled: KrakÓw. So, we decided to use fully “translated” name- Cracow.
    Secondly, It is still frequently used in tourism and other services: cracow-life.com, cracowonline.com, andelscracow.com, go-cracow.com, cracowfilmfestival.pl, Cracow University of economics etc.
    Finally, both spellings are technically correct and it’s allowed to use both of them. Moreover Cracow has been used for centuries and Krakow (not KrakÓw) just recently.

    Thank you for your time spent on our blog 🙂

    Brgds from Cracow/Krakow 😉

    Aga i Ela

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