PIEROGI FESTIVAL 15th – 16th August


Traditional Polish Pierogi recipe

2½ cups of flour (could be as much as 3 cups)

1 tsp salt

1 egg

2 tbs. sour cream (preferably regular)

~½ cup lukewarm water

The Fillings

There are many different pierogi fillings, we recommend kapusta – cabbage filling

It is a good idea to make the fillings the day before you make the pierogi and refrigerate it. This is a big cooking job :)))

Cabage filling for 50 pierogi :

4 lbs cabbage

2 lb yellow onions

2 Tbs. sugar


Mix all ingredients together, and knead just a bit. Divide into 2-3 parts and roll each piece into a thin sheet (add some flour if too sticky) on a floured board. Cut into squares (1.5-2 inch size). Cut stuffing into squares with a knife. Fold over (the diagonal edges) and tightly press the edges.

Bring to boil a 3/4 full large kettle of water. You may salt a water a bit. Place several pierogi in the boiling water and watch until they rise to top. After the pierogi has come to surface continue boiling for a couple of minutes. Remove pierogi from kettle, place in container, you may add butter or margarine to prevent pierogi from sticking together. Store in refrigerator.


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