The most colourful jazz! – Krakow Jazz Fall Festival


Krakow Jazz Fall Festival was recognized by the Polish musical critics as the jazz landmark of last two years. The Festival in the very meaningfull way is broadening the offer of cultural events of Poland and Krakow. For this year`s edition, the third one, there are 24 concerts, from which over a half will be presented for the first time in Poland or prepared specially for this Festival. Krakow Jazz Fall Festival`s motto of this year is „The most colourful jazz!”.


11th – Alchemia club
Peter Brötzmann Quartet
Peter Brötzmann (DEU) – saxes, clarinet, tarogato
Toshinori Kondo (JPN) – trumpet
Massimo Pupillo (ITA) – electric bass
Paal Nilssen-Love (NOR) – drums

13th – Alchemia club
Free Fall
Ken Vandermark (USA) – clarinet
Ingebrigt Håker-Flaten (NOR) – bass
Håvard Wiik (NOR) – piano

15th – Alchemia club
The Thing + Ken Vandermark
Mats Gustafsson (SWE) – saxes
Ingebrigt Håker Flaten (NOR) – bass
Paal Nilssen-Love (NOR) – drums
Ken Vandermark (USA) – saxes, clarinet

21st Alchemia club
Locksmith Isidore
Jason Stein (USA) – bass clarinet
Jason Roebke (USA) – bass
Mike Pride (USA) – drums

25th Alchemia club
Ken Thomson (USA) – alto sax
Ty Citerman (USA) – electric guitar
Eric Rockwin (USA) – electric bass
Adam Gold (USA) – drums

26th – Alchemia club
Lucas Niggli (CHE) – drums, percussion, gongs
Rolando Lamussene (MOZ) – djembe, mbira, voice, percussion
Kesivan Naidoo (ZAF) – drums, percussion, gongs
Peter Conradin Zumthor (CHE) – drums, percussion, gongs

1st – Alchemia club
Sloan/Tokar/Trzaska Trio
Lee Sloan (USA) – piano
Mark Tokar (UKR) – bass
Mikołaj Trzaska (PL) – saxes

6&7th – Alchemia club
Magnus Broo (SWE) – trumpet
Frederik Ljungkvist (SWE) – saxes
Håvard Wiik (NOR) – piano
Ingebrigt Håker Flaten (NOR) – bass
Paal Nilssen Love (NOR) – drums

12th – RE Club
The Light + Aram Shelton
Wacław Zimpel (PL) – clarinet & bass clarinet
Wojciech Traczyk (PL) – bass
Robert Rasz (PL) – drums
Aram Shelton (USA) – clarinet & alto sax

15th – Alchemia club
Charles Gayle Trio
Charles Gayle (USA) – saxes
Hillard Green (USA) – bass
Klaus Kugel (DEU) – drums

16th – Alchemia club
Fonda / Stevens Group
Joe Fonda (USA) – bass
Michael Jefry Stevens (USA) – piano
Herb Robertson (USA) – trumpet
Harvey Sorgen (USA) – drums

17th – Alchemia club
Peter Brötzmann / Paal Nilssen-Love Duo
Peter Brötzmann (DEU) – saxes, clarinet, tarogato
Paal Nilssen-Love (NOR) – drums

20&21st – Alchemia club
Oleś Brothers with Rob Brown
Marcin Oleś (PL) – bass
Bartłomiej Oleś (PL) – drums
Rob Brown (USA) – alto sax

22nd – Alchemia club
Bass 3
Wilbert De Joode (NLD) – bass
Clayton Thomas (AUS) – bass
Peter Jacquemyn (BEL) – bass

23rd – Alchemia club
Goudbeek / Jacquemyn / Lê Quan Ninh Trio
Andre Goudbeek (NLD) – saxes, clarinets
Peter Jacquemyn (BEL) – bass
Lê Quan Ninh (FRA) – drums

27th – Alchemia club
Bishop / Roebke / Eisenstadt Trio
Jeb Bishop (USA) – trombone
Jason Roebke (USA) – bass
Harris Eisenstadt (CAN) – drums

28&29th – Alchemia club
Kazutoki Umezu KIKI Band
Kazutoki Umezu (JPN) – alto sax, clarinet
Natsuki Kido (JPN) – electric gitar
Takeharu Hayakawa (JPN) – electric bass
Joe Trump (USA) – drums


17th – Manggha
Matthew Shipp Trio
Matthew Shipp (USA) – piano
Joe Morris (USA) – bass
Whit Dickey (USA) – drums

18th RE Club
Jeb Bishop (USA) – trombone
Dave Rempis (USA) – saxes
Nate McBride (USA) – bass, electric bass
Tim Daisy (USA) – drums

19th – Alchemia club
Ken Vandermark / Clayton Thomas / Tony Buck Trio
Ken Vandermark (USA) – saxes, clarinet
Clayton Thomas (AUS) – bass
Tony Buck (AUS) – drums

24th – Alchemia club
Lou Grassi Trio
Lou Grassi (USA) – drums
Martin Speicher (DEU) – saxes, clarinets
Georg Wolf (DEU) – bass

25th – Alchemia club
Mikołaj Trzaska / Mark Sanders / Peter-Friis Nielsen Trio
Mikołaj Trzaska (PL) – saxes, bass clarinet
Mark Sanders (GBR) – drums
Peter-Friis Nielsen (DNK) – electric bass

26th – Alchemia club
Clarinet Trio
Gebhard Ullmann (DEU) – bass clarinet
Jürgen Kupke (DEU) – clarinet
Michael Thieke (DEU) – alto clarinet


4th – RE Club
Szilard Mezei Trio
Szilard Mezei (SRB) – viola
Ervin Malina (HUN) – bass
Istvan Csik (HUN) – drums, percussion

6th – Manggha
Anthony Braxton Septet
Anthony Braxton (USA) – composer, saxes
Taylor Ho Bynum (USA) – trumpets
Jessica Pavone (USA) – viola, violin
Jay Rozen (USA) – tuba
Chris Dahlgren (USA) – bass
Aaron Siegel (USA) – drums, vibes
Mary Halvorson (USA) – guitar

9th – Alchemia club
Peter Brötzmann (DEU) – saxes, clarinet
Mats Gustafsson (SWE) – saxes
Ken Vandermark (USA) – saxes, clarinet


6 Responses to “The most colourful jazz! – Krakow Jazz Fall Festival”

  1. Really Fantastic Festival.

  2. 2 viennesewaltz

    Agreed, this is a superb line-up.

  3. 3 viennesewaltz

    How do you buy tickets for concerts at the Manggha?

  4. Before the end of october you can call to Manggha and book the ticket (they speak english too) then just before the concert you can buy it.

  5. я считаю: восхитительно.

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