[ Audio Art Festival ] 21st of November – 30st of November



Audio Art is an experimental and postmodernist art of the close of XX century and the beginning of the XXI century. This festival is an integration of sound and visual art. Presentation appears in form of the concert, performance and installation and creates new concept of sound source.. Audio Art is a “one person art”: composer, designer and performer unify the whole process of art creation. Artists from all over the world use low and high technology. Festival also presents other non-audio art events extending the whole image of the art based on sound. Audio Art Festival events are webcasted live.

November 21

12:00 am
[ Academy of Music ]

Gamelan Connection (Krakow, Java)

Java Gamelan, slendro tuning, visuals, electronics

6:00 pm
[ Academy of Music ]

Peter Sych (Melbourne)

ISA Harp

Phonos ek Mechanes (Wrocław)

music laptops controlled by acoustic instruments

7:30 pm
[ Goethe-Institut ]

black-hole factory & zenial (Braunschweig & Sanok)

Sanok Songlines – video installation

8:30 pm
[ Bunkier Sztuki ]

Karol Nepelski, Jakub Fijalkowski – mbaraka, sound installation, Clare Armiger – Phi Waves, sound installation, Maria Janicka – My Audio Experience – installation, Kacper Ziemianin & Manabu Shimada – sonic arts project, sound installation

9:00 pm
[ Bunkier Sztuki ]

Wojciech Kosma (Berlin)

performance, installations

November 22

6:00 pm
[ Academy of Music ]

Francois Houle (Vancouver)

clarinet, electronics

Katarzyna Marczak (Vancouver)

Harlekin by K.Stockhausen, part of Stockhausen Days

9:00 pm
[ Bunkier Sztuki ]

Daniel Davidovsky (Tel Aviv)

November 23

6:00 pm
[ Willa Decjusza ]

Muzyka Centrum Ensemble (Kraków)

[ Garden of Creativity ]

9:00 pm
[ Bunkier Sztuki ]

FM – Fluff modulation (Bratislava)

piano, electronics, video

Frutti di Mare VI.: Flames over Slovnaft (Bratislava)


November 27

6:00 pm
[ Academy of Music ]

Sergi Jorda & reactable (Barcelona)

tabletop tangible multi-touch interface – installation

7:00 pm
[ Academy of Music ]

PSeME concert

Polish electropanorama Anna Zielinska – violin

November 28

6:00 pm
[ Academy of Music ]

Loadbang Ensemble (Chicago, Katowice)

laptop duo: Krzysztof Wolek, Jaroslaw Mamczarski

Piotr Lachert (Pescara)

Patrycja Piekutowska – violin, Agnieszka Hauzer – soprano, Piotr Lachert – piano, Allesandro Deljavan – piano

Sergi Jorda & reactable (Barcelona)

tabletop tangible multi-touch interface – concert

9:00 pm
[ Bunkier Sztuki ]

CON/CON Ensemble (Ljubljana)

voice, instruments, electronics – concert

Xala (Bern)

marimba floor, dance – concert, performance

November 29

6:00 pm
[ Academy of Music ]

TAM – deForma (Padova)

deforming object motion spectacle

7:00 pm
[ Bunkier Sztuki ]

Bjelkeborn, Moenne-Loccoz & Sundberg (Gävle, Annecy, Stockholm)

guitar, visuals, electronics

Steel Quartet (Dresden)

steel acoustic objects-instruments

We Can and We Must (Chicago, Beijing)

Chicago Exeprimental scene

November 30

6:00 pm
[ Academy of Music ]

Miso Ensemble (Lisbon)

Opera multimedia Itineraire du Salt

8:00 pm
[ Bunkier Sztuki ]

Angeli Fukushima Duo (Bologna, Tokyo)

guitar, violin, electronics


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