New Year’s Eve in Krakow



Krakow is getting ready to say goodbye to 2008 with its annual New Year’s Eve party on Rynek Glowny. The historical Old Town around Rynek Glowny is the focus of the celebrations and the streets are filled with people from all over the World. Music keeps everyone entertained and the city’s pretty Grand Square becomes a dance floor. Leona Lewis, Kate Ryan, Kasia Kowalska, Tatiana Okupnik, Natalia Kukulska – beautiful female singers all in one place on a winter evening… Such a treat is only possible in the heart of Krakow. Everybody knows that in Krakow, New Years Eve is a big deal. Right before midnight, the countdown begins, and at the sound of bells from St Mary’s Cathedral a procession of fireworks light up the sky. The city fireworks display over Old Town can be viewed from nearly every vantage point in the city centre. Be warned, it can get a bit nippy so a warm coat is advised!


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  1. Hi all – just to let you know – more info on Krakow is to be found here – Krakow – we do enjoy writing it so have fun reading – all the best

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