Krakow Opera – The grand opening!



Six trapdoors, a few stage wings, a computer-controlled acoustic ceiling, and a moveable orchestra pit… Krakow now has a great new opera house and theatre complex than ranks with the best in Europe.

After many years of strenuous efforts, Krakow can at last start the final countdown. The long-awaited opening of the Krakow Opera, scheduled for the 13th of December, promises to be a cause for great celebration. Krakow composer Krzysztof Penderecki’s “The Devils of Loudon”, directed by Laco Adamik, will be inaugurating the new stage at 48 Lubicz Street. This is one opera guaranteed to test the capabilities of modern opera to the utmost. The modernistic building, already a fixture on the cityscape of Krakow, was designed by Krakow architect Romuald Loegler and his associates Piotr Urbanowicz and Grzegorz Dresler. Construction began in 2004. The claret-coloured walls of the opera house, the largest structure of the complex, with the Great Stage inside, are imposing to say the least. The grey building with its semicircular roof is uncannily reminiscent of the old Krakow Operetta, thereby keeping alive the memories of local opera lovers.


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