Those are not seven synagogues, majestic Gothic churches, narrow streets, noisy squares and quiet courtyards, nor hundreds of cafes and restaurants, museums and small galleries, which attract people to Kazimierz. It is the magical atmosphere of artistic bohemia and intellectual ferment. Those are eyes of old Jewish lady looking at you from the top window of the old building. It is wisdom of all books and pictures collected in charmingly unique antique shops. Those are all stories tolled by old Jews – an eye witnesses of the hardest time of Jewish quarter. Kazimierz, steadily regaining its colours and is an unbelievable enchanting place leading your thoughts to the past.


Once a year Kazimierz bursts with intemperate joy and happiness due to Festival of Jewish Culture taking place in June or July. People from all over the world come to Cracow to participate in this artistic frenzy. Visitors are able to enjoy regular performers as well as spontaneous concerts of Kroke, Brave Old World, The Cracow Klezmer Band and many others. But, not the names of incoming bands are the most important. Thus, it is the place where reputation and appreciation is achieved. Once u get in to the amused, dancing and singing crowd you won’t feel like going home till down. You can also sample this unique atmosphere sitting in the fancy bear garden.


Pubs, Bars and Restaurant on Kazimierz – If you want to escape from sometimes annoying and crowded Main Market Square, you may take a seat in one of hundreds cozy and trendy cafés or restaurants of Kazimierz , far away from tourist turmoil. There is no way to list all places worth recommendation, so feel free to follow our tips.


20 Estery st.

In each corner of this place a legend is hidden. There is no other bar so dim and gloomy, letting you feel Jewish spirit in the air. You have to come here for the best polish vodka or cold beer with fruit syrup and mandatory eat the huge piece of traditional Cracow bread with tasty lard (chleb ze smalcem). It is the only place in the world where having your bear, you may seat next to the Singer sewing machines covered by embroidered tablecloths and start your travel into the past.


5 Estery st.

Alchemia has become a symbol of the clubbing in Kazimierz. This place is more than just a pub. Here the most popular people from Jewish district and bohemian crowd dancing till early hours in smoky air and the light of candles. You can watch here incredible concerts of various artists playing in stylish rooms decorated by vintage furniture and pictures of old Kazimierz. If u are lucky one you may meet Nigel Canady in here, giving spontaneous performance solo or with local artists.

Buena Vista

26 Józefa st.

Kazimierz is not only kosher food and Jewish music. You can also find here remarkable mixture of other cultures. Buena Vista is the Latin restaurant, serving an assortment of genuine Cuban cuisine. But at night the restaurant transforms into a wild Tapas bar, featuring a variety of cocktails and large selection of mojitos. The party starts just after the sunset when people attracted by the Latin mood and professional teachers of salsa, jump to their feet and dance till the down.


18 Szeroka st.

And now, it is a venue for more demanding. A restaurant, cafe and gallery “Ariel” is located in the very centre of Kazimierz, a Jewish quarter of vibrant with life. There are five synagogues within 200 m distance, including one fully active (Remuh), a historical cemetery and a house of prayer, where a well – know cabbala master Natan Spira used to live and work. It’s the place where you can taste incredibly sophisticated kosher cuisine listening Jewish music concerts.

Mleczarnia and Stajnia

26 Meiselsa st.

Those are two bars situated in the magical passage way just in the heart of Kazimierz. It is the place where you can run away from city rush and bury yourself in the Jewish ambience. Your favorite seat is waiting for you, either in charming and cozy garden, or in vintage interiors- lumber room consisting of old pictures and paintings as well as aged trunks and gramophones.


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